Tranquil Spirit - Java Rudraksha Bracelet

Tranquil Spirit - Java Rudraksha Bracelet

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Embrace tranquility with the “Tranquil Spirit” Bracelet. The sacred Java rudraksha beads, steeped in cultural heritage and spiritual wisdom, impart a sense of peace and grounding. Paired with the luminous clear quartz, which brings clarity and vitality to the mind, this bracelet symbolises a harmonious blend of spiritual serenity and inner strength. Gold filled beads, thoughtfully integrated throughout, add a touch of refinement and modernity, making this piece a versatile and meaningful addition to your collection. 

An ideal gift for a loved one or a treasured piece for yourself, the “Tranquil Spirit” Bracelet invites you to embrace a journey of inner peace and spiritual harmony 🌿✨

Bead size is around 8mm.

Location: Victoria, Australia