Mysterious | Exclusive | Mystical

Mandala &
Nature Inspired Jewellery

Carved with symbolic meaning
in every design

In touch with the soul

Unique in every instance

Every collection designed by Ashley - the founder - tells a story. For her, symbolic meaning must be deeply interwoven with beauty.

Ashley draws on nature as a fountain of inspiration for the fascinating forms of botanicals captivate her in a way few other things do, be it the calm and gentle energy of the lotus flower or the joy of new beginnings signified by the humble clover.

Are you ready to bloom?
A world of beautiful creations awaits.
Explore Hidden Petals jewellery to find a memorable addition to your collection.

From The Founder

Bearing witness to experiences around me, I have cultivated the awareness of how I, as one person, am just a small part of the environment, connected to many others, seen and unseen. Life has also shown me the importance of bringing the best of myself where I am and bringing out the best in others.

It is with these understandings that I approach my jewellery pieces. In a way, every single piece is my contemplation on being and becoming.

I hope they bring you as much joy as they have given me. 💕

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