The Emergence Lotus Signet Ring

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“I honour myself as I experience the transitions that aid in my growth.”

The Emergence Lotus Signet Ring was created with the principles of yin and yang in mind. The duality of yin and yang relates to balance, with complementary forces intertwined and giving energy to one another.

In this ring, the lotus is partially hidden, expressing the period of change and rebirth that we often find ourselves in. It’s a reminder that even as a lotus grows from the muddy soil, it will emerge untainted, a majestic flower that belies its humble beginnings.

This piece celebrates the state of flux, of change and new beginnings, reminding you to enjoy those moments of transformation for they are an early signal of your own majestic inner growth.

This is a Hidden Petals original design, and it is available in Oxidised 925 Silver, featuring:

  • Cubic zirconia 
  • Choose between size 5 - 8
Location: Victoria, Australia