Sirius Signet Ring

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“I trust in the cosmic forces to guide me in my journey of self-discovery”.

Designed in honour of its namesake, the Sirius Signet Ring celebrates Sirius - the brightest star in our skies. A force so revered through history and which inspires stories of heroism, fortitude, and loyalty throughout humanity.

A simple signet with a single bright star is accompanied by intricate carvings in the band that represent the clarity and serenity found only in nature. It honours the sense of healing when all you can see and feel is the open air, gentle breeze, and the starry night sky.

This piece of art was created in a time of limited freedom, where the desire to travel the world and experience nature had to be quelled for the greater good.

It stands now as a symbol of hope and new beginnings. That we are in control of our destiny, and continue to create our realities. It is a design that depicts a cosmic symbol of hope, which inspires our own faith in a destiny of our choosing.

This is a Hidden Petals original, and it comes with 3 options:

  • white cubic zirconia
  • black cubic zirconia
  • plain.

Location: Victoria, Australia

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