Hidden Petals Selene Rose Gold Plated Necklace#stone_rainbow-moonstone

Selene Moonstone Necklace

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“I am open to receiving support, wisdom and guidance from my ancestors, spirit guides, and divine beings who love me and want only the highest good for me.”

Based on the shape of the root chakra, Selene honours the strength and stability of this chakra with its connection to both our inner self and the universe.

A sandy textured base representing the stars in the universe provides an expressive background for the new moons - a symbol of rebirth and new beginnings.

These moons are centered around a Rainbow Moonstone, often associated with the feminine - also known as yin - energy. It is believed to boost intuition and sympathy, helping soothe emotions and alleviate stress. It is a stone that helps you stay centered and balanced, particularly during challenging times.

It is our hope that Selene brings calm, serenity, and quiet strength to you, serving as an uplifting reminder to have faith in yourself always.

This is a Hidden Petals original. Available in Rose Gold Plated 925 Silver and White 925 Silver.

Location: Victoria, Australia