Hidden Petals Selene Rose Gold Plated Necklace#stone_rainbow-moonstone

Selene Moonstone Necklace - Rose Gold Plated

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ūüĆô¬†¬†New moons, new dreams, new beginnings

The story behind: The sandy textured base represents the stars in the universe, and the new moons symbolise new beginnings. Moonstone is associated with the feminine or yin energy. It is believed to promote intuition and empathy, soothe emotions and alleviate stress - an excellent stone to help bring balance to chaotic energy, especially during challenging times. We hope that our collection brings calmness and serenity to its wearer and serving as an uplifting reminder to have faith. 

Main/Base: 925 Silver
Plating: 2 micron Rose Gold
Texture: A combination of sandy base and shiny surface
Stone: Rainbow Moonstone
Pendant Size: 2cm in diameter
Necklace length: 40cm (please leave an order note in your cart if you prefer a 45cm chain instead - 45 cm chain is subject to availability)

Location: Victoria, Australia

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