Peruvian Covellite Sphere from Peru

Peruvian Covellite Sphere from Peru

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Unique | Rare | Powerful

This rare gemstone sphere whispers secrets of inner wisdom and spiritual awakening. As you delve into its depths, feel the currents of transformation guide you to new realms of consciousness. 

Embrace the journey illuminated by Peruvian Covellite's celestial energy, as it unlocks the door to higher understanding and profound intuition. ✨

This sphere comes with a stand. The sphere size is approximately 4cm in diameter. The stands for our gemstones may vary from the picture shown. Each stand is selected to complement the unique qualities of the gemstone, but variations in design and material may occur.

Please note: All gemstones are unique. Due to the inherent nature of gemstones, each piece is distinct. Variations in colour, texture, and pattern, as well as the presence of natural pits and fine lines, are to be expected. These are not defects but rather characteristics that add to the uniqueness of each gemstone. If you are unable to accept these natural characteristics, please reconsider your purchase.

We appreciate your understanding and thank you for choosing our products, each as unique and special as the individual who owns them.