Asteria Necklace

Asteria Necklace

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I am successful in all that I set out to achieve."

Can you keep a secret?

The Asteria necklace features a hidden message reminding you to live, love, and laugh. It is a message of hope and happiness, helping you focus on the positive in every situation.

Named after the Greek Goddess of Dreams, Asteria provides clarity and insight, helping you find ways to help you achieve success in all that you do.

This is a Hidden Petals original. It is made of 925 silver plated with 14k gold with hand soldered stars, and it includes the following stone:

  • Rainbow Moonstone - Expresses gentle healing energies that flow through us to the very core of our being.

Also available in:

  • Oxidised 925 silver
  • Rose Gold Plated on silver

Location: Victoria, Australia

Base Material Sterling Silver
Size Approximately 1.8cm
Colour Silver