Euphrosyne Necklace
Euphrosyne Necklace
Euphrosyne Necklace

Euphrosyne Necklace

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“I follow the butterflies as they lead me to the joyful side of life.”

Beautiful butterflies flit upon the surface of Euphrosyne, a piece that symbolises transformation and rebirth, and the creation of new life. It also carries a secret code - a message to live, love, and laugh.

These details are centred around a Peridot stone, known as a talisman of luck. It is often considered the stone of wealth and prosperity, bringing good luck and positive energy to its wearer.

Peridot also enhances the symbolism of transformation and new beginnings in the design of Euphrosyne, as this stone is believed to decrease negative thought patterns and old vibrations that no longer serve you.

This beautiful stone helps remove these blocks, helping you move forward and let go of things in the past that may be holding you back, to discover a new you within.

This is a Hidden Petals original. Available in Rose Gold Plated on 925 Silver and 925 Silver with Gold Plated hand soldered butterflies.

Location: Victoria, Australia