Artemis Mandala Necklace
Hidden Petals Artemis Silver Necklace#stone_cubic_zirconia
Hidden Petals Artemis Silver Necklace#stone_no-stone

Artemis Mandala Necklace

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“I am strong in mind, body and spirit.”

Like its namesake, Artemis symbolises the strength of a goddess and warrior within you. Its shape is based on the root chakra, which represents the grounding and stabilising energy that you need in order to build that inner strength.

The new moons etched around the clover shape in the centre of this piece symbolise new dreams and new beginnings, a beacon of light and hope in any moment of darkness.

This is a Hidden Petals original, you may choose from one of the following stones:

  • Rainbow Moonstone - Expresses gentle healing energies that flow through us to the very core of our being.
  • Cubic Zirconia - Improves mental focus and provides insight and clarity in times of doubt.
  • No stone (Silver Ball) - The perfect option for those who do not want a stone.

Location: Victoria, Australia

Base Material Sterling Silver
Size Approximately 1.8cm
Colour Silver | Rose Gold Plated