The Star Gate Meditation Necklace

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Hidden Petal's very first meditation necklace. Use this to guide visualisation meditation to help protect your energy field, boost confidence, remove self doubt, invoke calmness, or just purely aiding visualisation meditation with the intention that you set for yourself.

Meditation (how)

  1. Lay The Star Gate pendant flat on your palm with the top facing upwards
  2. Focus on the pendant design
  3. Take 3 slow and deep breath
  4. Set your meditation intention, close your eyes and imagine yourself sitting in the round centre of the star (centre of the stage, and remember, this is your stage)
  5. Imagine the lights shining from the cubic zirconia surrounding you on the stage, feel the light expands out so soft and bright, expand out until you couldn't see yourself but the soft calming light, feel the energy of the intention you set for the meditation

Material Description

  • Main/Base: 925 Silver/ Rose Gold Plated/ 14k Gold Plated
  • Texture: Shiny surface
  • Size: 1.6cm in diameter
  • Stone: Available in red cubic zirconia (represents passion) / white cubic zirconia (represents universal)
  • Necklace length: 45cm (adjustable)

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