Astrid Peridot Silver Necklace

Astrid Peridot Silver Necklace

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šŸŒø I am open to receive abundance and prosperity from the Universe.

The flower mandala on this pendant symbolises our inner core self blossoming; the kindness, the beauty, the confidence, and the wisdom that are shining through from within.

Adorned with a Peridot stone, it is said that PeridotĀ brings good luck, positive energiesĀ and oftenĀ consideredĀ as the stone of wealth and prosperity. A perfect combination for this gorgeous piece to be part of your everyday look.

Main/Base: 925 Silver, oxidised
Texture: Smooth polish
Size: 1.6cm in diameter
Stone: Peridot
Necklace length: 40cm (please leave an order note in your cart if you prefer a 45cm chain instead -Ā 45 cm chain isĀ subject to availability)

Location: Victoria, Australia