Hamsa Abundance Amulet

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“I manifest what I know will come to life.”

Designed to represent the connection between humans and the Divine, the Hamsa Abundance Amulet features an Onyx eye surrounded by lashes symbolising the sun and bottom lashes symbolising clouds. These clouds feature three Cubic Zirconia stones within, which point down towards the fingertips with lines symbolising mountains beneath.

Where the hamsa facing up is known for its protective properties, the hamsa facing down like this amulet actively invites abundance and positive energy into your life. It also aids in prayers and manifestations, with fingers closed together bringing good luck.

Etched with symbolism and meaning in every detail, the Hamsa Abundance Amulet represents our connection to a greater purpose and its role in manifesting the life we desire.

All our pendants are made with 925 silver. You have the option to choose to have in either silver, rose gold plating, or 14k gold plating.